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About TradPots Studio

At TradPots Studio in Poole, you will find something very unusual in these modern times – the entire making process from raw clay to finished articles. Learn the basics of pottery at our pottery courses in Dorset. The classes are suitable for both children and adults where you will get the freedom to create whatever you like under his personal, expert supervision, and in a relaxed atmosphere. 


Mark also uses his studio to design and create his own pottery, which you will find at various local events and in the TRADPOTS Shop.

Mark Baker. TradPots Pottery classes in Dorset
TradPots Pottery class in Dorset

The history of TradPots

Mark has always been fascinated by pottery - one of mans’ oldest skills. After studying, he joined a local pottery in Poole and trained as a production thrower. He learned all about working with clay, and became proficient in techniques such as plate making, casting (making items with liquid clay), fettling, glazing, spraying, and firing a kiln. After 10 years he started out on his own and his TRADPOTS STUDIO was born. At first he made his pots at home, selling them at Craft Fairs, but as demand grew, he moved to his current premises at the Courtyard Craft Centre in Lytchett Minster, where he has been offering his pottery courses for the last 35 years.

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