Covid -19

Please read to the bottom message. If you have been and made pots and were coming back to paint them please phone in to book a time to come. as we will be keeping numbers down to 4  at a time.

Anyone that would feel better be here on there own that is ok just tell me when you phone up 01202 621811

The new rules to work at pottery during Covid -19

Hi everyone we are opening June please read to the end as this set out how the studio will run. Please think of other when moving around the workshop. Think 2 meter distance

 We will have to operate the pottery classes in a very different way to ensure the safety of you  & myself

This will mean that we will be using the whole workshop so to keep the 2 meter distance rules, if you live in the same house hold you can sit together. You can ware  a mask if you would like, I will have cloth ones at £4.00 each that you can wash and use again.

Please bring your own Aprons, I will have some Disposable plastic Aprons, also we will be using paper towels. Please after use put towels and plastic Aprons in the bin

Use of the wheel

Any one that would like to use the pottery wheel, I can’t help like I use too, so my plan is that I will use the other wheel and show you, and you can follow what I am doing, could be a lot of fun. The wheels will have a clear plastic acrylic sheet fitted in front of them to help keep the 2 meter rule. It will also allow me to see what you are doing and still keep safe. Also I will have a full face mask, so should be able to help you at the wheel if needed

End of Class

The will be 5 stations for students to work from. When you start cleaning up please follow this order. Station 1 to clean up first and then leave, Followed by 2,3,4,5 this way I think we can keep the 2 meter rule by the sink.

At the end of the class please put your item you are making on the shelf. Or if ready for the kiln please put a pieces of paper in side telling me what you want done. Put the tools that you have used in the bowl, making sure that you leave the table clean. I will wash up the tools

Please be patient I sure after a few weeks things will run well.

Payments can be made Card only at his time

And although it’s going to be a challenging time working under the new conditions!

It will be good to be back messing with Clay again.

Keep safe and well